This offline expo will form a "look at the trend-find services-select products" content for modular operation around the goal, shape the ecosystem of the e-commerce industry, make the exhibition an important starting point for the platform to realize industrial empowerment, and truly realize the exhibition Promote the social value of digital economy industry development.
Watch Trends
Theme trend exhibition area: gathering various e-commerce, digital transformation and other representative enterprises, presenting new models and new trends of various head enterprises in the new era, and displaying the latest developments and concepts.
Find Service
New trade exhibition areas: cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area, cross-border e-commerce platform, cross-border logistics, cross-border payment, overseas warehouse, cross-border intermediary service agencies, etc.
New consumption exhibition area: Focus on new consumption, promote the in-depth integration of online and offline, promote the drainage of enterprises and product sales, covering social e-commerce platforms, new retail platforms, online celebrity live broadcast institutions and surrounding industries.
Digital Service Pavilion: It mainly displays the content display of technical service enterprises supporting the e-commerce industry ecosystem, covering logistics, payment, technology and other full-chain service brands.
Regional e-commerce exhibition area: delegations from various countries, provinces and cities across the country, local industrial belts, e-commerce industrial parks and other main bodies will showcase the achievements of the digital economy in different regions and the content of regional e-commerce industry ecological development.
Choose Product
Rural e-commerce exhibition area: Invite rural e-commerce demonstration counties to organize outstanding agricultural products to participate in and exchange, revitalize rural characteristic industries, drive employment and entrepreneurship, and promote targeted poverty alleviation.
Import Commodities Exhibition Area: Optimize the development environment of import trade, build a good platform for import commodity display, exhibition, sales and trade cooperation, and focus on displaying selected commodities overseas.
China Goods Exhibition Area: Enabling China's foreign trade manufacturing companies throughout the year, using the power of e-commerce to help companies promote new domestic products in the process of export to domestic sales.