Industry development trend vane
The industry's "strongest brain", well-known big coffee, high-quality Internet celebrities, and head enterprises gathered at the scene to directly hit the industry's hot trends and discuss the future of the industry together. It is a grand event for the e-commerce industry.
Multiple high-end conference forums
During the offline exhibition, a summit forum will be held to invite influential industry leaders and mentor experts to jointly discuss industry hotspots and pain points. There are more than 20 parallel forum meetings.
New layout of the seven characteristic exhibition areas
Follow the principle of "looking at trends-finding services-selecting products" to set up seven characteristic exhibition areas to take you to various segments of the e-commerce industry.
The activities of the same period were brilliant
During the same period of the exhibition, themed events such as resource matching, private entrepreneurs' meeting and brand launch will be organized to expand the circle of friends and expand channels for cooperation and communication.
Strong government support
The government-led exhibitions are authoritative; the government will give the exhibitions, exhibitors, and buyers vigorous support in terms of policies and funds.
Strong media promotion
More than 100 domestic and foreign well-known media reported on the whole network to expand brand influence.
Audience gathered at home and abroad
It is expected to receive 100,000+ viewers, which is a good opportunity for enterprises to display products, achievements and plans, discover new customers and maintain old customers.
Accurate and efficient resource docking
Relying on the exhibition, through online and offline, one-stop docking with brands, supply chains, service providers, etc., to solve the supply and demand problems of both parties.