Exhibition theme: New Retail· New Business· New Consumption

Exhibition time: October 20th to 22nd, 2018

Main Forum Venue: Hangzhou International Expo Center (Grand Banquet Hall, A Hall, 3rd floor)

Main Exhibition Venue: Hangzhou International Expo Center (B/C Exhibition Hall, 3rd floor)

The Expo will follow the principles of "openness, integration, innovation and empowerment" and take "new retail · new business · new consumption" as the theme. Through demonstrating and displaying, exchanging and sharing, cooperating and connecting, interacting and experiencing, we aim to promote transformation of traditional businesses and upgrading of consumption, to lead the developmental trend of International e-commerce and retail industry, to create an e-commerce public service platform featuring "display of achievements, inspiration of innovation, exchange of experience and promotion of application", to carry out an "international, high-end, market-oriented, specialized and brand-oriented" high level exhibition, laying a foundation for Hangzhou as the "spiritual and industrial highland" for international e-commerce, promoting internationalization of Hangzhou, and building the city into an "international e-commerce center", "central city for international consumption" and "international conference destination city".

Exhibition highlights

Based on the features of “top international e-commerce gala and dynamic new retail city", the Expo, in collaboration with global e-commerce groups, fully displays ecological resources of the new retail industry, and launch international marketing cooperation with international media community. The Expo is expected to cover an area of 20, 000m2 with 1, 000 booths. It is planned to invite 200 domestic and foreign well-known e-commerce and retail enterprises, 20 delegations from state provincial (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government), sub provincial levels and provincial capitals, 500 growing e-commerce and retail enterprises, and 100 domestic financial and investment institutions of great importance.

Organizational structure

Guidance unit: People’s Government of Zhejiang Province

Sponsor: Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government, Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province

Organizer: Hangzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce

Strategic partner: Alibaba Group

Execution unit: Hangzhou Commerce & Tourism Group Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Xibo Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Xibo International Expo Co., Ltd.


The exhibition hall of the Expo will centrally display

Latest business models and development achievements of new retail at home and abroad,

As well as smart application of new technology and big data in traditional business, to fully present achievements of domestic and foreign e-commerce innovation development,

Trial application and development trend.

Set up digital economy theme exhibition area, new retail business experience hall, new retail smart application hall, new retail consumption experience hall, new retail e-commerce service hall, new retail city exhibition hall, etc.

With a total display area of 20 thousand square meters.

B Hall

Digital Economy Theme Exhibition Area

The theme exhibition area of the sponsor, showing the blueprint of Hangzhou’s digital economy and fully demonstrating Hangzhou’s speed and mode.

New Retail Business Experience Hall District A

As a display window for well-known new retail enterprises and comprehensive e-commerce, presenting the new mode, technology, trend and dynamics of e-commerce in the new era through the form of experiencing.

New Retail Smart Application Hall District B

The exhibition hall is centered on displaying the technology of intelligent application in new retail era, including big data, modern logistics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and so on.

C Hall

New Retail City Exhibition Hall District C

Taking provinces, municipalities, districts and counties, functional departments as the main body, to show the developmental achievements and future trend of new retail in different cities and regions through interactive experience.

New Retail E-commerce Service Hall District D

Mainly display technology and enterprises that provide service support to e-commerce industry ecosystem in new retail era, including online technical services, offline scene support and so on.

New Retail Consumption Experience Hall District E

Mainly display fast moving e-commerce consumer goods and pop-up shops of e-commerce brands, around new consumption, on-the-spot consumption experience under the new retail business model, in order to promote a deeper integration of online and offline business