Booth price

1. Raw space: 980 yuan /m2

2. Standard booth (9 m2): single side: 8,000 yuan for one; two sides: 10,000 yuan for one;


1. The formula to calculate the price of raw space: total price = order area * unit price.

2. At least 36 square meters of raw space to rent.


1. The order time of booth is based on the whole payment for booth received by the organizing committee.

2. The discount is based on the issuing time of the booth confirmation letter by the organizing committee.

3. The exhibitor will get the invoice for booth fee with the booth confirmation letter prior to the start of the exhibition.

Exhibitor Preferential Policy

Type Time Preferential policy
In a Row Two consecutive years 10% off
Two consecutive years 15% off
First Time Before September 15th 10% off
After September 15th No

Notes: the above preferential policy can only be enjoyed once.

Area (Unit: m2) Preferential policy
X≥100 10% off

Notes: the above preferential policy can be enjoyed by old and new exhibitors with other policies.